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A messages from the founders!


Brisbane Boxing initially started as a popular boxing gym attracting amateur and professional boxers, students, athletes, sporting teams, corporates, mums and dads and many others.

Originally founded within Brisbane's popular West End while eventually expanding to Brisbane's south side in Mt Gravatt. Growing into a more contemporary style boxing gym with a range of boxing rings, numerous boxing bags, a variety of cross training equipment, and a dedicated strength conditioning area.

We offer a range of classes and training types that cater to everyone from those that want to get fit and learn boxing techniques right through to competitive amateur and professional boxers.

Our most popular class is a high intensity workout that melts those calories away and gives you the opportunity to de-stress.

These classes provide you with boxing orientated workouts that incorporate a variety of exercises using bag work, boxing combinations, strength and conditioning equipment, medicine ball work, skipping, feet work, and abdominal exercises. These sessions give you a full body work out and help increase your cardiovascular endurance whilst also helping you gain boxing skills and self defense techniques.

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Brisbane Boxing is here to make a difference. Our team thrives on positivity, inspiring each other and helping our members achieve their goals. If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re always looking for fresh talent! Make the first move, send through a cover letter and resume, and get in touch below!

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